Wednesday, 11 March 2015

                            Aqua Vivacity at Maachli

Maachli is blessed with the astounding rivulet which welcomes all our Guests and wins their heart at first sight. I like watching swift contentment on the face of my Guests when they have a look at this stream or step into it. Especially in Monsoon, people hesitate to step into it at first, but once they do it they giggle and gambol like a blessed child, and the ticklish fishes comes as a memorable experience.experience. Maachli does not have a typical reception counter but this stream crosses all the boundaries of the hospitality. The vibrant flow of this rivulet starts to slacken as the monsoon fades away and then it is our turn to give it back.
The stream is endowed with a live spring underground which helps retain the water level. Thanks to which we have some water left in the stream even in the summer. As part of the gratitude towards Mother Nature and adherence to Article 51a of the Indian constitution about the fundamental duties, we aim to retain the water level of the stream by putting a small dam across it.
The Dam comes with lot much of a hard work as we have to mount sacs full of soil to block the water stream. The dam is typically 5 feet tall and it takes time for a stream to store water to its maximum capacity. We all with the guests flock to the water stream each morning to judge the quantity of the water it gained overnight. Around 3 to 4 days pass with watchful judgments about the water level and finally the stream gets full. Many times the flowing instinct prevails and the stream topples down the dam taking all hard work with it. Then we restart with improvised framework and take pride in being an intimate companion of the stream.

This new Avatar of the stream initially baffles the frogs and water snakes. The rise in water level also brings discomfort to the people who regularly have to cross it and especially the kids who have to go to school.Due to which we position a small bridge of beetle nut trunks with wooden support from down.
The rivulet works wonders in many ways. The temperature drops drastically and we start getting extra blanket requests from the guests. Suddenly the water level of nearby wells gets a boost. All the plants flourish on the bank of the stream and all in all it comes as a great attraction for Guests. A small raft that we make of beetle nut trunks  helps guests  sway on the shoulder of this large hearted companion and befriend him.
We all are very fortunate to have this noble minded companion who knows just to share joy and not to expect anything in return.