Thursday, 13 September 2012


Dear Viewers!!Sharing the first blog with you.Different other blogs will inform you about all the aspects of konkan.

Man gets connected to the bigger world by spending time in the nature. We get relaxed and rejuvenated by listening to the rhythmic sound of nature as wind scrapes its way through the leaves of trees.
Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravitational force through his sharp observation of nature. This is how, in the company of nature, seemingly unending confusion in mind finally comes to an end & real intelligence gets liberated. Thus it is very important to go closer to the nature to flourish creativity.
Man is part of nature. Due to civilization he has adopted artificial lifestyle but our relationship of blood with the soil is an age old.

    Our main concept behind the project is to tune man’s cord with the nature, to make him/her feel relaxed, rejuvenated  and energized, to stimulate his/her verve &vitality, to subside manipulated worries & relieve boredom of modern man who is often eluded by real happiness due to civilization, modernization, industrialization and professionalism