Monday, 25 March 2013

Maachli is enjoying a divine coolness even during the summer. Guests are surprised to experience luxury of coolness. This could only happen since Maachli has developed and maintained micro climate.

Maachli has taken several measures to keep up micro climate.
The Cottages are surrounded by Thick plantation of coconut, beetle nut, banana, mango, spices, kokam, banyan tree, peepal and many more. Trees keep the heat away as sun rays hardly reach ground so the soil and the atmosphere remain cool. The water is sprinkled in the farm time to time which helps the farm remain Green. The green color of a dense farm is always an eye cooling. A beautiful water stream flows through the farm.

The cottages are designed such a way that clean, cool and fresh air is guaranteed. Thick bed of coconut leaves is put on the roof which absorbs the heat.

These are the reasons why guests enjoy their sleep by covering themselves by woolen blanket even in the days of summer.