Wednesday, 6 February 2013

                           Agro Tourism -A village treat

Sindhudurg is beautiful, verdant land and the least populated district in Maharashtra. It is an ideal getaway for the city slickers. Entire coastline of sindhudurg is known for tropical plantation like various spices, coconut, areca nut, cashew & alphanso Mango.
This coastal district of Maharashtra-is probably the most beautiful district in India. What we need to understand is that the people living here are actually very simple and humble with a tremendous value system inherently inbuilt .Their heritage matters a lot to them and the respect for culture and tradition is naturally imbibed.

The gracious Sea fort(Sindhudurg) built up in the Regime of The great king shivaji, at Malvan, fruit research center of nationally renowned agricultural university(Dapoli krushi Vidyapeeth) at Vengurle,wooden toy Market and historical palace at Sawantwadi along with numerous unexplored, pristine beaches and food culture make sindhudurg a special tourist destination. This special tourist destination is now ready with the basic infrastructure like tele-communication, Roads well connected to number of beaches, well conditioned national highway NH17.

While we look at Goa as an established tourist destination in beach tourism segment, it has undergone a drastic change in its social & economic structure. While development has been welcomed with open arms by government and natives, it has come at the cost of heritage & very often Goans have found themselves questioning about their identity. Hence Sindhudurg should certainly take one step ahead by adopting sustainable tourism ideas and concentrate on agro and village tourism. 

Nowadays Sindhudurg is coming up with lot of Home-stays.Home stays are always feasible. Even the last man of society can take part into it and help himself  develop his economy. An Ordinary farmer in Sindhudurg is learning sustainable way of improvising Tourism. Agro tourism is a good idea of sustainable tourism and self employment. An Ordinary farmer in Sindhudurg utilizes his own house to accommodate tourists. He shows them different temples, paddy fields, takes them to the cow shed and shows them how to milk a cow. In short he shows his daily routine and introduces the village life to city dwellers which in turn facilitates tourist to experience Nature, Agro and Village Tourism. Wife of the farmer churns out morning, after noon and evening to serve Malvani Feast. Tourists also take lessons of Malvani Cuisine from her. Language is never a barrier in communication as heart of the farmer is very big and language of heart is understood everywhere. He believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” concept.(Treating Guest like God).Agro tourism provides market for the local agro produce and an employment for the natives.

Sindhudurg has a dense plantation of spice, betel nut, Coconut which can be used to boost tourism. Betel nut trees are apparently most unique to climb .Betel nut puckers needs a lot of practice & technical expertise. During one plucking session the puckers need not climb up and down again and again. Instead he can swing from one tree to the other. This Tarzan style demonstration is a common site in every farm in coastal konkan.

 As Sindhudurg is known for its hospitality, farmers need not get trained in any hospitality institution. The divine Nature of sindhudurg always manages to spring a surprise. The land, sea and sky-all blending together inspires tourists to think big and create better things in life-personal and professional. And they are ready to get back to work.