Thursday, 16 October 2014

Coconut plucking Session

Konkan is known for the plentitude of coconut trees. The coconut tree is ingeniously considered desire yielding tree due to its very resourceful nature. Primarily we get coconut from the tree, but apart from it, there are many other subsidiary benefits of the same like coconut leaves to make little sheds (we have used coconut leaves on the roof top of a cottage at Maachli),wood(we have used it for the joinery of the roofing) and also many other parts in making rope, broom etc.Every house in Konkan is surrounded by coconut trees. Straight and erect posture of a Coconut tree also strengthens the Konkani person to preserve tremendous value system and eventually to keep the pride of a soil always high.

Focusing on the primary benefit of a tree, coconut plucking session is generally carried out 8 times a year, keeping gap of 1 and half months. A session is no where less than a ceremony, where all the people from the house are involved in some ways. It can also be compared with a worship of god which takes place occasionally in the house with the presence of a priest. The only difference in coconut plucking is, the poised and traditionally dressed priest is replaced by a skinny, tanned, rough and tough person, skilled from his childhood to climb a coconut tree.

My grandfather keeps a watch over coconut fall. The skilled chaps scatter coconuts all over the farm which needs to be taken care of through series of activities which typically includes collecting coconuts from the stream, finding way through the junk and thorns notwithstanding a bite of the red ants. I shoulder the responsibility of filling the same in a sac and mounting it on the head of fellow worker who takes it in the storage. Such activities keep repeating for 3 hours. Finally everyone gets a creamy tender coconut which happens to be a fruitful end of the session.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sunset Trek to the Beach

Maachli is now all set to offer a wonderful sunset trek to the beach. In Modern stressful life, it is great news for people who like to walk leaving all the worries behind and earn their appetite and sound sleep in the end of the day.

Villager on the way working in his farm
Konkani Man is known for his healthy life styles and walking for miles together is his integral part of life. My Grand father says that he used to walk from Parule village to Vengurle town for primary education. His wrinkled eyes sparkle with the great nostalgia when he goes on telling about different spots on the way to Vengurle where he met some strangers, shared food and thoughts with them, variety of wild berries and fruits that he savored and different colorful birds, butterflies,trees,flowers he observed. As he gets soaked in all the old memories all I realize is it’s an incomparable luxury to walk in the nature and this feeling drives me to take my guest for a trek.

Breath Taking view of the beach
Our beach trek gives you an opportunity to hike through stunning biodiversity of the plateau, undergrowths, coconut groves, mango orchard, hills and small jungles. While en route you have to ascend and descend three hills and make your way through small village societies. Magnificent views of the beach from different places on the way not to be missed. Apart from the splendorous biodiversity, there is also a small temple to relax your tired body and freshen your mind. Trekkers can also interact with local people and learn their life style.

 After two hours walk you land up on the pristine, sun kissed beach where you witness sunset with the company of swaying coconut leaves, seabirds, refreshing winds and divine atmosphere of the beach.

Mission Complete